Apprenticeship Levy Management Services

Setting up and implementing  an apprenticeship scheme to recovery your apprenticeship levy is complex, time consuming and requires expert knowledge. Once your scheme is in place it will need careful and detailed management.

The London Apprenticeship Company has worked with more than 500 employers, supporting and managing the training of 5000 apprentices. Our contract management team is second to none and has been carefully planning our new apprenticeship levy managements service so that it’s all up and running well in advance of your first levy payment to HMRC – 19th May, 2017 !

Here’s a summary of the full service that is available to you:

  • Planning and finalising (The Blueprint)
  • Developing the mobilisation plan
  • Developing the curriculum and delivery plan
  • Procuring training providers
  • Developing the training specifications
  • Recruiting new entrant apprentices
  • Recruiting existing staff apprentices
  • Managing the training providers
  • Monitoring weekly participation in training (apprentices and providers)
  • Collecting, analysing and reporting progress data
  • Monitoring apprenticeship levy recovery values
  • Authorising payments to training providers (based on key performance metrics)
  • Training line managers and supervisors
  • Support line managers and supervisors
  • Supporting apprentices
  • Developing year two programme
  • Developing progression plans for competing / achieving apprentices

We don’t provide and off the shelf package though. We tailor the apprenticeship levy management service specifically for your needs.

More Services from the London Apprenticeship Company

The London Apprenticeship Company  is specialist provider of apprenticeship management and support services and has successfully supported employers since 2009. We provide integrated services that support the work that we have describe on this website.

London Apprenticeship Company integrated services:
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