How We Can Help

How We Can Help

The London Apprenticeship Company and our partner, the College of Apprenticeship Training, currently provide apprenticeships to a wide range of organisations. We offer a full range of services that you can draw on as you build your planned response to the Apprenticeship Levy.  We are experts in our field and fully recognised by the National Apprenticeship Service.  It’s also worth looking at our useful advice

You can contact us to help you with any part of your planning, but here’s a summary of the things we can do to assist:

1.) Free Advisory Services

If you are an employer with an annual salaries bill of £3m or more you’ll pay into the new Apprenticeship Levy. You’ll also want to know how best to recover this. Train your existing staff? Recruit new staff? Or a combination of both? If you are an employer who hasn’t recruited, employed or trained apprentices before you might be surprised at just how complicated the process can be. And the new apprenticeship levy scheme has added a whole new layer of complexity…

Our free apprenticeship advisory is designed to help you design and implement a comprehensive apprenticeship plan. Read more here.

2.) Apprentice Levy Recovery Blueprinting

You need a really robust plan that forecasts how much Levy will be paid each month against how much you can recover for each apprenticeship you deliver. If you’re not an expert in apprenticeships that’s pretty tricky to figure out.  The maths isn’t that complicated in itself – the complexity is more about knowing which apprenticeships to use to get the training you need (so your money isn’t wasted); how to secure the right training provider (who wants to buy rubbish training?); how to coach and support your apprentices so that they achieve (no point in funding failure); how to manage all of the above in an efficient way whilst keeping focus on your core business.

Our Apprenticeship Levy Blueprints are designed to provide you with a bespoke road map that demonstrates how all of the above can be done. Read more here.

3.) Apprenticeship Levy Compliant Training

At the heart of your apprenticeship levy scheme is apprenticeship training. It’s the successful delivery of apprenticeship training that enables you to recover and utilise your apprenticeship levy payments. But it can’t be ‘any old training’. You have to ensure that your employees are registered on a formally recognised apprenticeship standard or framework and the training has to be delivered by a formally recognised apprenticeship training provider.

And then, just to make things a bit more complicated – each apprenticeship has a maximum recovery value depending on how the Department for Education and the Skills Funding Agency have ‘banded it’. The value of individual apprenticeships rages from £1500 to £27,000.

Done well, apprenticeship training increases the skill levels of your staff so that they can do the things you need them to do better. Get the right provider and the right apprenticeship and you can also recovery and make best use of  every penny you have paid into the apprenticeship levy. See more about how here…

4.) Integrated Apprenticeship Levy Management Services

There’s a lot to do – planning your apprenticeship scheme and it’s blueprint, developing a mobilisation plan, sourcing and contracting training providers, agreeing training pans and delivery specifications for each of your apprentices, profiling sign ups and starts, forecasting monthly levy payments, profiling monthly levy recovery values, managing your training providers – (you’ll often need more than one) – supporting your apprentices,  attracting new apprentices, setting up your employer Digital Apprenticeship Service account … the list goes on and on.

The good news is that you can use our Integrated Levy Management Services and we’ll do it all for you. Find out more here…

So, that’s a lot of things to go through – where to start ?

Contact us to book your free Advisory to get going …

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