Researching and Planning Your Levy Blueprint

You don’t want any old apprenticeship scheme, or one that your local college just happens to offer. You want a bespoke programme that’s fit for purpose. That means an apprenticeship scheme that trains the right staff – new recruits and / or existing staff – with the right skills to do the job you want them to do. And to do it better than they were doing it before.

But you want to organise all that in best fashion possible so that you optimise the amount of your apprenticeship levy that you can recover (we aim at 100%) and where possible benefit from the additional co-funding (up to 90%) that Government will contribute if you ‘over deliver’ on the number of apprenticeships your levy payments can fund.
To get all that set up we start our Apprenticeship Levy Blueprinting service with a period of research.

Organisational Research

We need to understand some key things about your business organisation, the value of your payroll and your objectives. We appreciate that some of this is commercial sensitive information so we have no issue with signing a non disclosure agreement with you first. Here’s the key things we need to know:

  • The value of your annual payroll
  • Size, shape, scope and objectives of any existing internal staff training programmes
  • New staff in-take  – annual volumes, timescales, grades, salaries
  • Organisational structure – businesses, departments, line management
  • Current apprenticeship programmes (if any)
  • Graduate recruitment programmes (if any)
  • Intern recruitment programmes (if any)
  • Core staff training objectives – skills, attitudes, qualifications

Blue Print Planning

Once we know enough about your organisation, your training objectives and how much you’ll pay into the apprenticeship Levy each month (we calculate all that for you) we turn our attention to how an apprenticeship scheme can meet those objectives and recover 100% of the levy you have paid. We’ll even look at what additional funding you may be able to benefit from should your levy not provide sufficient funding to match your aspiration.

The Next Step

  • Research all available apprenticeship Standards and Frameworks to source those most fit for purpose
  • Calculate the recovery value of each apprenticeship monthly and in its totality (they range from £1500  to £27,000 each)
  • Plan progression routes from one ‘level’ of an apprenticeship to another to provide for integrated career progression
  • Work out the number of apprentices that your levy payments will fund taking into account huge variations in recovery values
  • Look in detail at the curriculum content and amount of time that an apprentice will need to complete the work required to successfully achieve
  • Analyse the availability of expert training providers for each type of apprenticeship proposed
  • Plan the best way in which the teaching, training and assessment of your apprentices should be undertaken.

It is possible to recover 100% of your Apprenticeship Levy and significantly increase the skill levels of your existing staff or new recruits. Our research and planning works all this out for your and presents and plan of action in the unique apprenticeship levy blueprint.

What’s in Your Apprenticeship Levy Blueprint ?

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