Levy Compliant Apprenticeship Training

Done well, apprenticeship training increases the skill levels of your staff so that they can do the things you need them to do better. We plan in detail how levy payments are used to achieve that objective, and then we’ll deliver the training for you as well.

You recover your apprenticeship levy through the delivery of apprenticeship training. That’s the only way you can utilise the funds that will accumulate in your Digital Apprenticeship Service levy account. What’s more you can only use the monies available to purchase apprenticeship training from a recognised apprenticeship training provider. So how does it all work ?

Each apprenticeship (they are known as Apprenticeship Standards and Apprenticeship Frameworks) has an allocated ‘band value’. These range from £1500 to £27,000. The table below shows the values for each of the fifteen funding bands and the accumulated values by a range of multiples.

Apprenticeship Levy Recovery Band Values Tables

Our levy compliant apprenticeship training service helps you create the right kind of apprenticeship programme, ensuring that the training we put in place on your behalf does what you want it to do and recovers the monies you have paid into the levy, whilst maximising the use of government top ups. If you have used our apprenticeship Levy Blueprinting service we will have already worked with you to develop the objectives, scope and values of your apprenticeship scheme. So, then it’s a question of planing the delivery of your apprenticeship training.

Here’s what we do for you:
  • Source and brief training providers for you
  • Arrange for recommended providers to ‘pitch’ to become your apprenticeship levy training provider
  • Work with selected providers to develop detailed training plans
  • Develop your delivery model including;
    • taught workshops and masterclasses
    • expert led seminars and support groups
    • online and distance learning models
    • in work, job role specific 1-2-1 support
    • assessments and examinations preparation
  • Agree key performance indicators, metrics and reporting processes
  • Put in place a mobilisation strategy to ensure that your apprentice start in lie with your Blueprint and delivery plan.

We’ve managed the training of over 5,000 apprentices, taught and accredited by more than 50 training providers, supporting over 100 different types of apprenticeship. If you are employing 5, 10, 20, 40 or even 60 apprentices you’ll probably need more than one training provider to cover all the different qualifications that your apprentices will need. But that’s ok, we can organise it all for you.

In the context of the apprenticeship levy you need to plan your programme from the very start with a clear understanding of how your specific training will recover your levy.

Read more about this service and look at specific apprenticeship and their apprenticeship levy recovery values here …

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