News & Updates

27.3.2017 How to get your Apprenticeship programme up and running. Find out getting your apprenticeship programme started.

20.3.2017 Apprenticeship Levy – Your Questions Answered.

13.3.2017 How to future-proof your business through the Apprenticeship Levy. Find out more about future-proofing your business.

27.2.2017 5 common misconceptions about the apprenticeship levy. Find out more about Levy misconceptions.

15.2.2017 If your PAYE bill is over £3 million find out how you can recover thousands back from the apprenticeship levy. Recover back your Apprenticeship Levy.

08.2.2017 The government is changing the way it funds apprenticeships, and on the 6th April 2017, the new changes will take effect. Understand the Apprenticeship Levy.

12.8.2016 The long awaited updated proposals on the apprenticeship Levy and the funding of apprenticeships from April 2017 has finally been released today. Get the full document here.

17.3.2016 Following the Budget HMRC issued a more detailed ‘How it Works’ which walks us through some Levy details. As useful and pretty concise read. Get the full document here.

11.3.2016 The London Apprenticeship Company has launched it’s full Apprenticeship Levy Management Service. Their proposition gets you ready for the arrival of the Levy and then manages your whole scheme for you. There are no additional costs to you in addition to your Levy. If you would like to get the briefing document email your request here.

16.2.2016 The London Apprenticeship Company publishes an open letter of guidance for Local Authorities

05.2.2016 BIS releases draft Apprenticeship Levy legislation

05.2.2016 HMRC release an Apprenticeship Levy Guidance Note

03.2.2016 The SFA release a final consultation document introducing minimum apprenticeship targets for public sector organisations

25.1.2016 The Government release a consultation on apprenticeship targets for public sector bodies

25.11.2015 The Chancellor announces the Apprenticeship Levy. For details, see the Government Response document

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