Levy Recovery Blueprints

We know that many employers who will pay into the Apprenticeship Levy have not employed apprentices before and haven’t used apprenticeships to train their existing staff. So where do you start?

You need a really robust plan that forecasts how much Levy will be paid each month against how much you can recover for each apprenticeship you deliver. If you’re not an expert in apprenticeships that’s pretty tricky to figure out.  The maths isn’t that complicated in itself – the complexity is more about knowing which apprenticeships to use to get the training you need (so your money isn’t wasted); how to secure the right training provider (who wants to buy rubbish training?); how to coach and support your apprentices so that they achieve (no point in funding failure); how to manage all of the above in an efficient way whilst keeping focus on your core business.

Our Apprenticeship Levy Blueprints are designed to provide you with a bespoke road map that demonstrates how all of the above can be done without it costing you more than you have already paid in to the apprenticeship Levy. Each Blueprint is unique.

We research and plan a bespoke apprenticeship levy blueprint individually just for your organisation.

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