Suggested Actions

Quick Actions and Advice

Given the huge likely impact of the Apprenticeship Levy proposal our best advice is to act now. If your business does not already employ apprentices we would suggest that you should do so as soon as possible so that you are ready to recoup levied funds. Not sure where to start? Have a look at our Levy Services page and get in touch.

As a short-term strategy there are three very quick and simple things that we would urge organisations to consider right now.

1.) Insist that all jobs are apprenticeships unless they can’t be!

All businesses to a greater or lesser extent experience annual staff turnover.  There are several best-case models where the organisations’ default HR policy is to assess ALL job opportunities in terms of whether they can become apprenticeships before they are released for general recruitment. This will set you up to recoup your apprenticeship Levy straight away in April 2017. The London Apprenticeship Company is able to give a quick assessment of any job vacancy that you have and advise on whether or not it is possible to place it for an apprentice. As the number and levels of apprenticeships grow this is increasingly possible.

2.) Review your current staff skills and update them with an apprenticeship                    

Take time to review all of your current staffing. Often you’ll find that you have a number of staff already working for you who would benefit from training. This may be because they are changing roles, or don’t hold a relevant qualification, or simply that you want them to up-skill. In many cases these staff can also be trained via the apprenticeship programme. Given the growth in apprenticeship frameworks and standards, this measure is likely to result in the organic growth of your apprenticeship programme quite quickly.

3.) Consult the experts

Creating and managing apprenticeships is far from simple. Don’t spend 12 – 18 months re-inventing the wheel. All of the infrastructure that you need to create and manage an apprenticeship programme in your organisation is already available. You can be up and running in a matter of weeks, not months or years. Plus we can advise on all of the above quickly and easily. Simply book a consultation with us to come and talk through what is already out there that you can use and how to procure the best provision.

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