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Our projects cover a broad spectrum of applications from process control to production planning, sales support, shipping and project collaboration. Common to all the systems we have delivered is the requirement for high reliability, and since much of our work is deployed on the production line, ease of use has been essential.

MACH2 has grown to over one million lines of code, and now supports sales, production and shipping activities as well as management information and Business Intelligence analysis and reporting.

Portfolio folder M.A.C.H. 2

Enterprise-wide sales and production management system

Portfolio folder Business Intelligence

Cerres have enabled management to execute ad-hoc, multi-level and multi-dimensional reports on key performance indicators.

Portfolio folder Protocol

Cerres have realised the benefits of tools that facilitate effective collaboration of geographically dispersed teams.

Portfolio folder Process Database

Production planning system

Portfolio folder SAP R3 Data Link

Systems integration to SAP R3

Portfolio folder Cell Management System

Real-time process control system

Portfolio folder Truck Communications

Truck-mounted real-time planning, information processing and remote-control system

Update Hydro Aluminium

Implementation of customer portal and API extenstions to MACH2 given the go-ahead.

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"The feedback from the users are very positive. Conclusion: Success and roses to your staff" Harald Syre - Application Manager, HARP
"MACH2 has the potential to radically improve the planning process in our plants." Jan Ove Halvorsen, IS/IT Manager, HARP

Cerres Portfolio Process Database

This system replaced a legacy system which communicated planning and process information to and from the liquid metal transport trucks.


Using Oracle's Case tools, the database and user interface were generated to provide facilities to record and store analysis information received from the laboratory and compare and validate that information against standard alloy specifications. The system transferred data automatically from the foundry's laboratory into the planning database.

The scope of functionality has been gradually expanded. Subsequent phases of development included the implementation of charge planning functions, facilities to record details of completed order items and charge composition simulation functions.

Several legacy systems were integrated with the planning system and the user interface was deployed plant-wide to provide detailed tracking and reporting under MS-Windows on PCs.


  • Automatic generation of tapping plans for electrolysis cells based on tapping schedules and cell depth measurements.
  • Generation of charging plans based on the composition of cell metal and outstanding production orders.
  • Automatic comparison of spectroscopic analyses with alloy specifications
  • Storage of potline measurements such as current, voltage and power consumption


  • Automated transfer of data from the laboratory, including spectroscopic analyses of samples from electrolysis cells, charges and billet, measurements of conductivity and tensile strength and grain structure and bath analysis information
  • Charging functions, including an application to calculate charge composition based on planned additives. Another function calculates the required additives to bring the composition of a charge to specification
  • Details of order items, such as pallets of billet and coils of wire
  • Details of scrap recovered from the potline and casthouse
  • Storage of production order details and materials specification information
  • Data transfer to and from existing legacy systems
  • Summary reports

The choice of technology was a strategic decision, combining an industry-standard operating system, market leading database and the use of a popular high-level development tool to minimise the cost of development and ongoing support. The function to simulate batch composition during the production planning process has proved invaluable in optimising the use of liquid metal from the Soderberg production line.


  • The system was developed for one of the largest aluminium foundries in Western Europe comprising both Soderberg and Pre-bake potline each with 300 cells and 20 casting furnaces in two casthouses.
  • 50 users.


  • Analysis, design, programming, testing, commissioning and ongoing support.


  • IBM RS6000 AIX
  • Windows NT4 Workstation
  • Oracle 7
  • Oracle CASE Designer
  • Oracle Developer 2000
  • PL/SQL version 2
  • Pro C