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Our projects cover a broad spectrum of applications from process control to production planning, sales support, shipping and project collaboration. Common to all the systems we have delivered is the requirement for high reliability, and since much of our work is deployed on the production line, ease of use has been essential.

MACH2 has grown to over one million lines of code, and now supports sales, production and shipping activities as well as management information and Business Intelligence analysis and reporting.

Portfolio folder M.A.C.H. 2

Enterprise-wide sales and production management system

Portfolio folder Business Intelligence

Cerres have enabled management to execute ad-hoc, multi-level and multi-dimensional reports on key performance indicators.

Portfolio folder Protocol

Cerres have realised the benefits of tools that facilitate effective collaboration of geographically dispersed teams.

Portfolio folder Process Database

Production planning system

Portfolio folder SAP R3 Data Link

Systems integration to SAP R3

Portfolio folder Cell Management System

Real-time process control system

Portfolio folder Truck Communications

Truck-mounted real-time planning, information processing and remote-control system

Update Hydro Aluminium

Implementation of customer portal and API extenstions to MACH2 given the go-ahead.

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"The feedback from the users are very positive. Conclusion: Success and roses to your staff" Harald Syre - Application Manager, HARP
"MACH2 has the potential to radically improve the planning process in our plants." Jan Ove Halvorsen, IS/IT Manager, HARP

Cerres PortfolioCell Management System

A real-time process control system to regulate the bath temperature and composition of Prebake electrolysis cells. This system adjusts values for cell microcomputer control parameters in response to data received from the microcomputer itself, the foundry laboratory and the potline


Calculations are performed using data stored in an Oracle database and business rules programmed in PL/SQL. The sub-system uses Oracle's packaged procedures to publish an API for OCI programs which communicate directly with the cell microcomputers. Two groups of control parameters are managed: those concerned with the rate of addition of aluminium fluoride and those related to the target resistance of a cell.

The system manages the quantity of aluminium fluoride added to a cell by automatically re-calculating the dose size and the operating frequency of the AlF3 feeder in response to various inputs and events in the system such as:

  • Analysis of bath samples received from the laboratory
  • Bath temperature measurements received from the potline
  • Measurements of cathode resistance


  • Cathode age
  • Anode changing and anode effects
  • Adjustments to the cell configuration.

The target resistance of a cell is adjusted by calculating the additional resistance values related to the concentration of aluminium fluoride in the bath and measurements of cathode voltage.

The use of an Oracle database in a real-time system used to be considered unconventional, yet this system delivers data "in-time" and "on-time". RDBMSs are not usually chosen for systems with an extremely high transaction throughput - for example sustained rates of 1000 tps output from a PLC. But for systems with a still demanding, but lower transaction rate, such as this, the use of Oracle provides a number of advantages over alternative implementations such as RAM storage or flat file databases.


  • Very high level of data integrity provided by Oracle's constraints and transaction control functions
  • Ready-made data storage solution, minimising development costs
  • Persistent system state after a machine restart
  • Satisfies performance requirements
  • Use of standard software with good availability of development personnel.
  • Since delivery and commissioning, the system has been virtually fault-free.


  • Windows NT4 Server/Workstation
  • Oracle DBMS
  • PL/SQL
  • Pro*C
  • TCP-IP


  • Manages a pre-bake potline comprising 288 cells.
  • Mission-critical system providing 24x7 availability


  • Analysis, design, programming, testing.