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Our projects cover a broad spectrum of applications from process control to production planning, sales support, shipping and project collaboration. Common to all the systems we have delivered is the requirement for high reliability, and since much of our work is deployed on the production line, ease of use has been essential.

MACH2 has grown to over one million lines of code, and now supports sales, production and shipping activities as well as management information and Business Intelligence analysis and reporting.

Portfolio folder M.A.C.H. 2

Enterprise-wide sales and production management system

Portfolio folder Business Intelligence

Cerres have enabled management to execute ad-hoc, multi-level and multi-dimensional reports on key performance indicators.

Portfolio folder Protocol

Cerres have realised the benefits of tools that facilitate effective collaboration of geographically dispersed teams.

Portfolio folder Process Database

Production planning system

Portfolio folder SAP R3 Data Link

Systems integration to SAP R3

Portfolio folder Cell Management System

Real-time process control system

Portfolio folder Truck Communications

Truck-mounted real-time planning, information processing and remote-control system

Update Hydro Aluminium

Implementation of customer portal and API extenstions to MACH2 given the go-ahead.

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"The feedback from the users are very positive. Conclusion: Success and roses to your staff" Harald Syre - Application Manager, HARP
"MACH2 has the potential to radically improve the planning process in our plants." Jan Ove Halvorsen, IS/IT Manager, HARP

Cerres PortfolioBusiness Intelligence

Design and implementation of a dedicated Business Intelligence system for Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products (HARP) enabling management to execute ad-hoc, multi-level and multi-dimensional reports on key performance indicators in all departments from sales through production, to shipping and logistics.

A key benefit of the system is that it provides an end-user interface which can produce detailed reports incorporating charting and presentation capabilities similar to Office Suite software, with no need for support from IT personnel.

Data Warehouse and OLAP Cubes

Live production data is replicated in real time from the production systems onto a dedicated Oracle Data Warehouse where it is materialized into OLAP Cube Dimensions and Fact Tables. This transformation of production data in the background delivers the highest level of performance and flexibility to the reporting user interface - while the Data Warehouse ensures that the performance of mission-critical production systems is completely unaffected by intensive reporting processes, and "what-if" modelling.

The Data Warehouse serves a range of management reporting tools including Oracle Reports, Microsoft Analysis Services and external reporting systems.

A thin-client interactive reporting tool based on Strategy Companion's Analyzer, and designed for speed of discovery, is integrated into Mach2 to provide an end-user interface to the OLAP Cubes. A key feature of the user interface is that it combines ease of use with a broad range of features making the system accessible to occasional users while at the same time satisfying the demands of management reporting specialists.

Non-technical personnel can rapidly create their own custom views of the sales, production and shipping data available to them, while visualisation tools identify trends and watch areas. Facilities include:

  • Full range of charting: bar, line, area, pie, pyramid etc.
  • Heat maps showing large amounts of information in a small space
  • Geographic interactive maps of sales data


  • KPI trend viewers
  • Dashboards setup by the user to contain personally relevant charts and data
  • Fully customisable pivot tables with complete drill down and customisation.

Pivot tables, and drill down reports

The user can easily create pivot tables by dragging and dropping dimensions and facts onto a report work area, or by loading previously saved reports. The tables can be drilled down to very fine levels of granularity (such as production operation times on a given machine in a given day) and sorted to quickly isolate areas of interest. Response time is very fast - and reports can be shared with co-workers by email or published into a special area for general viewing.

Special trend highlighting tools are available within the pivot table such as ranking percentages, time series, rolling summaries or growth rates. Grouping functions like top/bottom performers and 80/20 rules help identify standouts in the data. As well as predefined measures setup for HARP, users can create dynamic analytical measures using point and click or even MDX functions.

Any chart produced is interactive and dynamically linked to a pivot table. Changes in the table immediately update in the chart and vice versa.


Users can schedule reports to run in the background, and at specific times and specify that email alerts are sent if certain report criteria are not met - for example machine availability or credit exposure.


  • High reliability and speed of data refresh from a dedicated Oracle Data Warehouse
  • Independence of reporting and production systems maximizes performance of both
  • Self service access to dynamic management reports (cubes) accelerating decision making
  • Drilling anywhere into the data for unlimited analysis, helping transform data into insight
  • Powerful, interactive analytics for non-technical business users
  • Use of industry leading software with enhanced functionality.


  • Windows Server
  • Oracle DBMS
  • PL/SQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • Strategy Companion Analyzer


  • All MACH2 production, sales, and other data since start up.
  • Management-critical system providing 24x7 availability


  • Analysis, design, programming, testing.